Pirates Curse – a NYX video slot game (in Pirate)

This review is also available in English!

Pirates are always associated wit’ huntin’ fer booty ‘n they can do nigh-on anythin’ jus’ t’ get thar hands onto decent booty. True pirates ne’er give up ‘n when th’ get thar booty it’s always somethin’ big. It’s kind o’ th’ same wit’ th’ online casino version o’ Pirates Curse slot, players play in search fer real booty ‘n when one wins th’ winnin’s are always great ‘n really satisfyin’. Wha’ makes this casino variation o’ slots stand out are its features; thar be a bonus round, thar are free spins, an autoplay feature, wild symbol, 5 reels ‘n 20 lines.

Pirates curse slot comes in a cartoon design. In this game players can go on a booty hunt o’er th’ high seas usin’ an ole pirate ship. If a player be good enough they can locate Captain Blackbeard’s gallery which be full o’ dead men’s chests o’ booty. Th’ dead men’s chests are filled wit’ gold doubloons however when ye locate them ye will ‘ave t’ be fast as th’ creepy ghostly pirate will be closely watchin’ his booty.

Pirates Curse Slot be a relatively new game ‘n thar are some sites on which ye can try out th’ game fro free. Ye can try out th’ game ‘n use play doubloons. These sites will allow ye t’ get accustomed t’ this variation o’ slot games so that ye can get used t’ th’ style o’ th’ game ‘n be in a position t’ start winnin’ real doubloons. Once ye ‘ave understood th’ game ye will be in a better position t’ know how ye can best galleon yer bets ‘n increase yer chances o’ winnin’ some o’ th’ crazy jackpots that this game has t’ offer. So why nah be a real pirate ‘n start challengin’ everythin’ without any signs o’ fear fer booty be always around th’ corner.

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